Why register with Ngāti Rangi?

To help you connect:

  • to your marae
  • to learn whakapapa, waiata ...
  • to attend hikoi, wananga ...

Recieve tribal benefits:

  • help with local discounts
  • help with scholarships
  • help with cadetships
  • help with employment

Because you want to be involved

If you are of Ngāti Rangi descent, please register so we can keep you informed of what's happening in the iwi and to help uri connect back to home.

If you think you are already registered on our database, please contact us and we will provide you with your identification number which you can use to update your details.

Registering is simple, just fill in the forms below.

If you would prefer to register manually, download the form using the link below, fill it in, scan it and send it back to us at

If you are unsure, make contact with the office on 06 385 9500 or