Nā Wai

Treaty Settlement | Rukutia te Mana

Guiding Principles for the Ngāti Rangi Negotiations with the Crown

‘Kia mau ki te wairua o Te Tiriti o Waitangi’

From this overarching theme stems the following principles and goals:

  • Where the Crown goes, so goes Ngāti Rangi.
  • Acknowledgment of te mana motuhake o Ngāti Rangi.
  • Restoration of a cultural, environmental, economic and social base for Ngāti Rangi.

After signing Terms of Negotiation on Friday 27 February 2015, discussions with the Crown have now begun towards settlement of Ngāti Rangi’s historical Treaty of Waitangi claims. The Negotiation Team acknowledges that getting to this point has been a long and arduous journey and that many who have led the way for us are no longer here.

Ngā Poupou o Te Whare Toka (The Pillars of the House of Stone) – The Ngāti Rangi Negotiating Framework

This negotiating framework is based on the concept of Te Whare Toka and named after the House of Stone of Paerangi, Ruapehu. The framework itself is reflected through Ngā Poupou o Te Whare Toka (the pillars of the House of Stone), these six poupou help to guide our approach and categorise the key features of the Ngāti Rangi claims.

The Ngāti Rangi Treaty negotiation team are Carl Wilson, Toni Waho, Hune Rapana, Aaron Rice-Edwards, Che Wilson, Kemp Dryden, Raana Mareikura, Cassandra Reid, Paranihia Walker and Nathan Milner.

It is important to note that the Ngāti Rangi claims and grievances in respect of the Tongariro National Park (TNP), including Ruapehu, will be addressed as part of a collective negotiation for the TNP. Those separate — although related — discussions are unlikely to commence until 2016 and will be negotiated with the Crown by a collective comprising of Ngāti Tūwharetoa, Ngāti Rangi and other Whanganui Iwi.