2017 Treaty Ratification & Voting Process

Overwhelming support for Ngāti Rangi treaty settlement package

Overwhelming support for Ngāti Rangi treaty settlement package

19 December, 2017 - Ngāti Rangi uri have given an overwhelming endorsement of the Crown’s offer to settle the iwi’s historical Treaty of Waitangi claims. The Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations and Minister of Māori Development have now considered the results and agreed there is sufficient support from Ngāti Rangi uri to proceed to signing the Ngāti Rangi Deed of Settlement, Rukutia Te Mana.

Rukutia Te Mana includes the Crown’s acknowledgement of numerous breaches of the Treaty of Waitangi, an agreed historical account and an apology from the Crown for those breaches. It also includes cultural redress covering lands significant to Ngāti Rangi, including the return of the lakes at Rotokura.

Iwi members were asked to cast two votes through the independent returning officer at electionz.com. The first; whether, or not, to accept the Crown’s settlement offer and the second; whether, or not, to accept the proposed Post Settlement Governance Entity (PSGE) called Te Tōtarahoe o Paerangi to manage the settlement and iwi affairs. Voter turnout was just under 42-percent which is relatively high for Treaty settlement ratification votes and the results were a resounding endorsement for the settlement with 99-percent of uri voting in favour of the settlement, and 97 percent for the proposed PSGE.

Ngāti Rangi Iwi Trust Chair Shar Amner said he was delighted with the result.
“This gives us confidence to move forward to the next stage with the Crown. A huge amount of work has gone into the negotiations and it’s humbling and very satisfying to have our people support this mahi so strongly. For now, we will take a moment to celebrate the result, enjoy the Christmas break with whānau and recharge the batteries; as 2018 is going to be a busy and exciting year for Ngāti Rangi and our community,” Mr Amner said.

The Deed of Settlement will be signed with a formal ceremony early next year (2018). Uri will be advised as soon as this is confirmed.


Rukutia! Rukutia!

Rukutia te mana tupua, rukutia te mana tawhito

Rukutia te mana matua, rukutia te mana toka

Rukutia ki a Ranginui e tū iho nei

Rukutia ki a Papa e takoto ake nei

Ka puta ki waho ki te whai ao, ki te ao mārama

Tihei mouri ora!

Kei ngā uri o Paerangi, Ngāti Rangi, maranga mai rā ki runga!

Ngāti Rangi ki te pae tata, Ngāti Rangi ki te pae tawhi , tēnei tō iwi e pāho atu nei kia tū, kia oho, kia matāra ki tēnei whakataunga Tiri kua whakaingoa a ki a ‘Rukutia a te Mana’. Ko te iwi tēnei e inoi atu ana kia tautokona tēnei whakataunga Tiriti kia tatū.

Kua roa nei a Ngāti Rangi e tatari ana kia tatū tēnei take me te mōhio tonu ko te nui, ko te rau, ko te mano kua riro i te takatakahanga i tēnei pae roa. Ka tangi, ka haku, kua ea. Huri atu te pō, nau mai te ao.

Ko tātau tēnei te kimi atu nei i te ara ki te Moungaroa kia tutuki ai ngā wawatatanga i roto i tēnei ao, haere ake nei.

After almost 27 years, it is with pleasure that we share what the Ngāti Rangi Negotiation Team has been able to achieve for our Iwi. We strongly encourage you to vote in support of this settlement, Rukutia Te Mana, and the establishment of the Ngāti Rangi Post-Settlement Governance Entity, Te Tōtarahoe o Paerangi.

Over nearly three decades, we have lost too many that led and supported our claims and we remember them as we vote. This settlement will help us achieve the dreams passed on to us and those that we carry ourselves for a vibrant future as Ngāti Rangi, the uri of Paerangi-i-te-Whare-Toka.

Key dates

30 September 2017 - Voting opens

30 September 2017 Ohakune Hui - Maungārongo Marae, 36 Burns St 12pm-4pm

1 October 2017 Whanganui Hui - Te Ao Hou Marae, 366 Somme Parade, Aramoho 12pm-4pm

2 October 2017 Auckland Hui - Ngā Kete Wānanga Marae, Manukau Institute of Technology, Gate 12, Otara Rd, Otara​ 6.30pm-9.30pm

3 October 2017 Hamilton Hui - Te Wānanga o Aotearoa, Mangakōtukutuku CampusGlenview 254 Ohaupo Rd, Glenfield 5.30pm-8.30pm

4 October 2017 Wellington Hui - Te Wharewaka o Pōneke, 2 Taranaki St​, Central 6.30pm-9.30pm

5 October 2017 Christchurch Hui - Te Pā o Rākaihautū, 7 Mclean St, Linwood 6.30pm-9.30pm

8 October 2017 Karioi, Ohakune Hui - Ngā Mōkai Papa Kāinga, Oruakukuru Rd 12pm-4pm

3 November 2017 Voting closes 5pm

10 November 2017 Votes counted

Mid-November 2017 Ratification results reported to the Crown

Late 2017 or early 2018 Deed of Settlement signing ceremony (if accepted)

Kei a koe te mana - It's your right to decide

Approval of the Deed of Settlement & Authorised Signatories

It’s your right to decide on our future by voting on this settlement. This voting process will conclude almost three decades of work by our people to resolve our Treaty of Waitangi claims.

For the Deed of Settlement, you are being asked to vote on this resolution:

I, as a member of Ngāti Rangi, support the Ngāti Rangi Deed of Settlement and authorise the trustees* of the Ngāti Rangi Trust to sign the Deed of Settlement on behalf of Ngāti Rangi.

*The trustees of the Ngāti Rangi Trust means the trustees of the Ngāti Rangi Trust as at the date the Ngāti Rangi Deed of Settlement is signed. The trustees of the Ngāti Rangi Trust will be the Initial Trustees of Te Tōtarahoe o Paerangi, the proposed Ngāti Rangi Post-Settlement Governance Entity.

Ngāti Rangi Trust recommends you vote ‘YES’ to this resolution.

We believe we have achieved the best settlement we can for all Ngāti Rangi uri. The full details of the settlement package are contained in the Deed of Settlement (see above link). This is the legal document that will bind the Crown and Ngāti Rangi into a full and final settlement – to be enacted in Parliament. A summary of the Deed of Settlement can be found from page 9 onwards of the above Information Booklet.

Approval of the Post-Settlement Governance Entity

The other decision we need from you is about our Post-Settlement Governance Entity (PSGE). Te Tōtarahoe o Paerangi Trust is our proposed PSGE, which will manage and administer our settlement redress.

For the PSGE, you are being asked to vote on this resolution:

I, as a member, of Ngāti Rangi, support the establishment of Te Tōtarahoe o Paerangi as the Post-Settlement Governance Entity to receive and manage the settlement redress on behalf of Ngāti Rangi under the Ngāti Rangi Deed of Settlement.

Ngāti Rangi Trust recommends you vote ‘YES’ to this resolution.

The settling of our claims is the beginning of a new journey for Ngāti Rangi. We will then have the opportunity to determine how we create a foundation for our uri to thrive, through a new PSGE trust entity. Te Tōtarahoe o Paerangi Trust Deed (please see above) is the legal document that will govern the Trust (our PSGE) and determine how it will operate to manage our settlement redress. A summary of the PSGE Trust Deed can be found on pages 44-47 of the Information Booklet.

Me pēwhea te poti - How to vote

Why is it important to vote?

First and foremost, as Ngāti Rangi uri, you have the right to make the ultimate decisions! We need you and your whānau to vote in support so our settlement can go ahead. If a sufficient majority do not vote in support, our settlement will not progress any further now.

When is the voting period?

The Voting Period runs for almost five weeks ending at 5pm on Friday 3 November 2017.

What are the ways to vote?

All Registered Members should have received a Voting Paper with their Information Pack. If you do not have a Vo ng Paper, call the electionz.com helpline 0800 666 030 or email iro@elec onz.com. You can vote in one of three ways: online, by post, or by ballot box.

Kōrero mai

If you have questions about our Information Booklet, how to register to Vote or the Voting process please phone the electionz.com helpline on 0800 666 030. You can also email iro@electionz.com.

For any specific queries relating to whakapapa or settlement matters, please contact Che Wilson, Lead Negotiator, on 021 765 681 or Kemp Dryden, Pou Ārahi (General Manager), on 022 620 1277.