Signing of Terms of Negotiation

Chaana Morgan

On Friday 27th February, the Minister of Treaty Negotiations, Hon Chris Finlayson and Ngāti Rangi Trust Chair, Kemp Dryden, signed the Terms of Negotiation in respect of Ngāti Rangi’s distinctive Treaty negotiations. This signals the formal commencement of negotiations with the Crown towards an Agreement in Principle in respect of Ngāti Rangi’s historical Treaty of Waitangi claims.    

Following the signing of the Terms, the Minister & Crown officials were taken to significant sites within th

e Ngāti Rangi rohe, including Koro Ruapehu, Karioi Forest and Moāwhango Dam. These visits allowed the Minister to gain a greater appreciation of Ngāti Rangi's story and settlement aspirations. 

Chair, Kemp Dryden stated that "It was a very positive day for Ngāti Rangi. From the signing of the Terms, through to the visit to our special places, the Minister and Crown officials were left with a very strong impression of Ngāti Rangi, both in terms of our values and also in terms of our settlement aspirations. In the months ahead, Ngāti Rangi's negotiators aim to negotiate the next milestone, an Agreement in Principle, which fairly reflects both our history & vision for the future."

For further information please contact:

Aaron Rice-Edwards
Pou Tiriti - Negotiations Manager

Ngāti Rangi Trust