Ruapehu wide internet use survey has been launched

Ruapehu District Council have launched a survey to find out about our internet usage, cell phone coverage, cost and data speeds ahead of a application to receive funding under the recently announced $100 million extension to the RBI programme.

They need our help to get a funding allocation and are asking anyone who uses internet in the Ruapehu to answer a quick survey before Monday 22 June.

In a press release, Mayor Don Cameron has said Council urgently need community support to help put the best possible argument forward as to why NZ would benefit from Ruapehu getting broadband infrastructure investment ahead of other districts.
“The lack of high speed broadband access and mobile black spots across many parts of Ruapehu has been identified as one of the significant constraints limiting the district’s economic potential.
“We now need to be able to demonstrate that if Ruapehu was prioritised for broadband infrastructure investment that we would be able to capitalise on it and provide the best possible return for NZ Inc.”
Mayor Cameron said that the government has asked local councils to be directly involved in this next investment stage decision by firstly indicating their interest via a Registration of Interest (ROI) and then developing a Digital Enablement Plan (DEP).
“The ROI is us putting our hand up that we want the broadband investment first and the DEP is how we would benefit Ruapehu and NZ from the investment,” he said.
“To put together the best possible ROI and DEP that will give Ruapehu the best chance of being successful we require the support of Ruapehu communities.”
“A key part of the information we need to provide is the inclusion of an overview on the state of Ruapehu’s telecommunications infrastructure that needs to be supported by hard data.”
“This is where we urgently need the help of the general public to take part in a simple test to measure the speed of their internet connection and provide feedback on their current internet service.”

NOTE: If you only get internet to your house through your mobile please indicate this in the comments section of the last question

To find out more or to participate click HERE