NRT encourages all Uri to make a submission

As part of the Department of Conservation process, having announced THEIR intention to grant a licence concession to Ruapehu Alpine Lifts for Tūroa, submissions are CURRENTLY being taken from anyone in the community who wishes to express their views on the application.

Ngāti Rangi Trust OBJECTS to the way this application process has progressed as the Concession Officerʻs Report has NOT specifically discussed our views on the application and believe the application should not have been approved in principal and encourages all Uri to share their personal whakaaro with the Department.

Ngāti Rangi acknowledges its relationships with DOC and Ruapehu Alpine Lifts (RAL). Its relationship with RAL has led to positive initiatives such as the Kāhui Maunga Snow Academy and annual Puanga/Matariki Maunga community karakia.

Ngāti Rangi has agreed and remains committed to an engagement plan with RAL in respect of RAL's application for a new licence in respect of the Tūroa Ski Area ("application"). The engagement plan allows Ngāti Rangi and RAL to work through the application in a planned and constructive way. Ngāti Rangi had anticipated that this engagement process would be complete prior to DOC commencing its public notification of the application, but this has not proved to be the case.

Ngāti Rangi provides the following points of clarification regarding DOC's Notified Concession Officer's Report to the Decision Maker ("report") regarding the application:

The report does not accurately reflect the Ngāti Rangi relationship with Ruapehu, the Crown's assumption of control of the area that includes Tūroa ski field, or Ngāti Rangi's position in respect of the Application.
Ngāti Rangi has not agreed to DOC approving the Application "in principle" or to DOC publicly notifying the Application without a completed Cultural Impact Assessment and other relevant material. DOC has not yet engaged with Ngāti Rangi in relation to the content of the Application or the report, including the information DOC has recorded in the Appendix purporting to set out Ngāti Rangi's relationship and view of Ruapehu.
Ngāti Rangi remains in discussions with DOC and Ruapehu Alpine Lifts with respect to the Application. This statement is provided without prejudice to Ngāti Rangi's position.

Making a Personal Submission is simple...

To make an online submission please click here and then click the "Send to DOC" button by 5pm on 4 November, 2016
To download a hardcopy Submission Form, please click here and once completed, simply sign and send to The Department of Conservation by 5pm on 4 November, 2016. Like a hard copy version sent to you via mail? Feel free to drop into the office or call 0800 NRANGI. If it makes things easier? We are more than happy to post your Submission to DOC on your behalf.

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