How can we all help to keep our awa pristine?

Did you know that even if you live in town we can do our bit to help keep our awa pristine and it starts with the decisions we make at the supermarket?
The Wai Group which consists of Uenuku, Ruapehu District Council and Ngāti Rangi have just put out a brochure and the first step for city dwellers is to cut back on on the phosphates that are present in many dishwasher detergents, washing powders for clothes, cleaning products and car wash detergents.

Phosphorus fuels and stimulates the growth of algae and plants in our streams. Increased growth then strangles and kills other plants which, when they die,
deplete the life giving oxygen in the water making the water lifeless and impossible for organisms to live in.

How can we help reduce unwanted phosphorus and clean up our rivers? Use dishwashing products, laundry and cleaning products that are phosphate free. Wash our vehicles on grass, keep food debris out of drains and choose to compost instead
Keep an eye out for ECO detergent brands which are low or free of phosphate (NP)

To view the Wai Group's brochure click HERE