$5 to your Marae incentive programme launched

Over the coming weeks Ngāti Rangi is offering a Marae incentive programme to encourage more of our uri to register*. Once a registration form has been completed, uri - over the age of 18 - have the chance to nominate the local marae they wish us to donate the $5 to. (This contribution can be shared across two marae who will each receive $2.50.)

As part of officially launching this programme we've also had the website redeveloped and whānau can now sign up online via computers or notepads. Note: currently this option is not available via cell phones. Don't forget our traditional hard copy registration options are all still available. Forms can be downloaded from our website in PDF format or mailed out simply by calling the office on 0800 NRANGI or 06 385 9500.

*Once a valid registration has been received, the Ngāti Rangi office will confirm the details and ask which marae you wish the $5 donation/s to be made to.

As all verified registrations made during this time will be eligible to be part of the '$5 to your Marae' incentive programme, this is a great time to check all your extended whānau have registered.

To register online click HERE