Deadline announced for Raetihi $100k project applications


The Raetihi Story – in 2013 a diesel spill occurred on Mount Ruapehu. The spill caused significant damage and harm to Mount Ruapehu and its surrounding environment and in particular the Mākōtuku Stream that flows through Raetihi Township. The effects of this diesel spill were felt widely by the Raetihi community as they are intimately interconnected and dependent on the water that flows in the Mākōtuku.

Horizons Regional Council took steps to hold the entities responsible for the spill accountable and received a significant compensation package. It was decided by Horizons that once immediate clean-up and court costs were recovered, $100,000 of this compensation would be used for a project that benefited the Raetihi community. Through consultation with Uenuku and Ngāti Rangi, Ruapehu District Council, community stakeholder groups, the Department of Conservation and Ruapehu Alpine Lifts Limited, it was decided everyone favoured and would collectively support the development of a project or projects to;
“support the essence and wellbeing of the Raetihi Community”. A working group made up from these interest groups has prepared a set of guidelines for the project/s. The group is now looking forward to receiving ideas from the community that:

  • have wide community benefit and do not benefit one group over others;
  • have lasting effect i.e. has value in the present but also in the future – it should not be forgotten;
  • are collaborative, inclusive, leverages other funds, has shared ownership and delivery and involves as many people/groups as possible;
  • Tells the Raetihi story through education, History, Tangata Whenua history/stories/fables;
  • are physical and tangible i.e. can be seen, tactile and has a physical impact and presence;
  • Acknowledges the past by acknowledging the past spill but looks towards healing the wounds and rebuilding relationships;
  • Looks to the future i.e. aspiration, innovation, creates an identity and a vision for the future;
  • Is a project of significance by instilling mana, status, pride and resonance with community; and
  • Is timely i.e. can be completed within a reasonable timeframe.

So what are your ideas that fit within these guidelines?

How to make an application

Get your project together over the next 6 weeks by filling out the application form (being delivered to houses in Raetihi and available from the RDC service centre) returning it in the self addressed envelope or emailing it to 

Applications close Friday 20th November 2015.

Download an application form HERE

Need help?

If your want help in preparing your application email and she will put you on to the best person to meet your needs. Following the collation of the applications it is proposed to facilitate a community meeting 5 December 2015, Raetihi School 10-3pm. 

From the Ruapehu Bulletin

Raetihi residents have a month to submit their personal ideas on how the Horizons' $100,000 Ruapehu Alpine Lifts mitigation money should be spent.
Earlier this year, councilors voted unanimously to create a project fund for the community and as part of this, they put together a working group involving representatives from Horizons Regional Council, Uenuku, Ngāti Rangi, Raetihi Promotions, Raetihi Community Trust the Department of Conservation and Ruapehu District Council (RDC). On Wednesday, members from a large cross-section of the community were pleased to hear Regional Council Group manager of Environmental Management, Craig Mitchell, confirm the original amount had been ring-fenced for the town to spend and remained untouched.
"That $100,000 is sitting in a account and not one cent of it's been spent.Everything we have done...has been done as part of our collective business as usual."

Horizons councilor for the Ruapehu region Bruce Rollinson said originally it had been thought projects undertaken would involve improvements to the Mākōtuku Steam catchment area. At the meeting held in The Centre he said the working group had decided to open this up to any projects which met the broad criteria. "At the time the Council decided to make sure this [money] goes back to the Raetihi community there was a desire amongst councilors, at that point back in April/May, that is should go to river enhancement project. When the project group came together they said why restrict it to that and we as staff and Councilors put it back in the communities court and said, 'you decide'. Just to prove don't believe everything your read, I see in today's Wanganui Chronicle I've been quoted as saying the money is to go towards this [the Mākōtuku]."

Submitted ideas must meet at least one of the criteria created by the working group which include having wide community benefit, are lasting, collaborative, are physical and tangible, are projects of significance, can be completed in a timely manner and are not normally considered core business of either RDC or HRC.
Mr Mitchell went on to acknowledge that not all criteria had to be met for an idea to be considered.  Simple two-page application forms, which and need to be returned to HRC by 20 November, are being delivered to houses around Raetihi and are also available from the Raetihi RDC Service Centre.
Additional forms and queries around the process can be directed to Maria Burgess at HRC via email: or by phoning: 0508 800 800.

On 5 December, submitters and the wider community are invited then to attend a facilitated workshop with David Engwicht from Creative Communities International ahead of projects being submitted to the community for a deciding vote. The voting process is yet to be confirmed.